052: A Life That Walks in Freedom

Photo by Anika Huizinga on Unsplash

Today’s podcast is filled to the brim! I didn’t quite stay within the 10-minute boundary, but I was close. I found that when we are talking about the freedom we have in Christ that there is just so much good stuff to talk about. We covered a couple of points, but we will definitely be swinging our journey through this topic again soon to pick up on and refine some points we missed. Thanks for joining me on the journey this week. I hope you enjoy today’s podcast and I will see you again next week. Keep on living unleashed!

O Lord, Awaken me to my real life in Christ. A passionate life. A life that is defined by hope, filled with joy, marked by peace, and walks in freedom. In Christ, I am living unleashed. In the powerful name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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