055: You’ve Got to Have It to Give It

Photo by Agustinus Nathaniel on Unsplash

What do I most want for my children? What do I want to pass on to them? I love how Eugene Peterson translates Deuteronomy 6:6-9 . It draws out the importance to have Jesus inside of us before we can get him inside of our children. If I am not living in the power Christ, how can I teach my children to live in his power? I want my children to live a life filled with joy, hope, peace, and strength. These are qualities that God gives us as we live our lives in Jesus. This makes it all the more urgent for me to intentionally shape my life so that I am experiencing these qualities so that I can pass them on to my children. As we journey together on today’s podcast, we will explore how we have to have it to give it. Why don’t you come and join us?

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