066: Serving Like Jesus

Photo by Harishan Kobalasingam on Unsplash

The scriptures describe the movement of God throughout history as he is on mission to redeem humanity.  The climax of this movement is the death and resurrection of his son Jesus.  But the movement and mission does not stop there.  Jesus reminds us that no servant is greater than their master.  Jesus served to further the mission of God and bring glory to the kingdom. He expects the same from you.  Service is not an option to exercise when you feel like it or have time.  It is an intricate part of who you are in Jesus. Join us on today’s episode as we continue to journey together and learn to live unleashed!

Matthew 25:31-46


  1. Sharon Majors on 11/29/2018 at 2:59 PM

    It is not about me but JESUS through me. The Holy Spirit loves and leads on so I can go on.

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