Hi, my name is Jeremy, and I'm the host of The Living Unleashed Podcast.

Life is an epic journey. Live it unleashed. 

I am passionately seeking to discover more and more each day this full and abundant life that Jesus promises. I invite you to join me on this journey and be part of the Living Unleashed community. Start today by subscribing to the podcast and begin Living Unleashed!


My background

Husband of Christie for 26 years. Father of five awesome kids. I love BBQ, grilling, camping, and any time spent with my family. A third-generation pastor of 20+ years who is passionate about the life Jesus gives. I want to see others discover and live this life of hope, joy, peace, and freedom.

My mission

The mission of Living Unleashed is to journey together as we intentionally shape our lives to experience the abundant and full life that Jesus promises. This is a passionate life that is defined by hope, filled with joy, marked by peace and walks in freedom. As a part of the Living Unleashed community, you will find resources and experiences to equip you for this epic journey.

"Thanks for doing this!"

Dena, Illinois

"Thank you for putting into words what I've felt for some time!"

Sherri, Illinois

"This teaching is so important!"

Marilyn, Florida

What to expect from the Living Unleashed Podcast

Living Unleashed is a 10-minute, 5-day per week podcast

  • Publishes at 4 am Central every weekday.
  • Each Podcast runs 10 minutes or less (most of the time).
  • Available in all places where podcasts can be found, including Spotify and Alexa Flash Briefing.

"This is a great way to start your day listening to Jeremy's podcast! Always a joy!"

Shannon, Illinois

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