About Jeremy & Living Unleashed

Jeremy 2018 Headshot Outdoor

   I am Jeremy Henson. I am a third generation pastor who has been serving as a pastor for more than 20 years. I am a journeyer who is passionate about seeking after and following Jesus. I share this magnificent journey with my wife of 25 years, Christie, and our five amazing children: Breeanna, McKenzie, Gabriel, Michael, and Jayden. We love to spend time together camping, traveling, eating, fishing, taking walks, and just about anything else we can do as a family. We share the living unleashed life with others when we get to grill and cook a meal to share with friends and when we get to communicate the joyful life and extravagant love that God offers. 

    Through Living Unleashed, I hope to inspire others to intentionally seek God and follow Jesus as a part of the every moment rhythm of their lives. I want others to experience living unleashed with all of the joy, peace, love, and power that God promises to those who seek Him. As you journey around this site, it is my prayer that you will be inspired to seek God more intensely and intentionally as you follow Jesus.