Journey With Luke–Podcast Season 2

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The purpose of Living Unleashed is to journey together as we intentionally shape our lives to experience the abundant and full life that Jesus promises. This is a passionate life that is defined by hope, filled with joy, marked by peace and walks in freedom.

Season 2 of the Living Unleashed Podcast is entitled, Journey with Luke and will contain 55 episodes. During Journey with Luke, we are going to intentionally shape our lives by journeying through the books of Luke and Acts. I invite you to read a chapter each weekday and listen to that day’s podcast episode where we will dive into the chapter for the day in 10 minutes or less. We will continue the conversation together in the comments section and on the Living Unleashed Facebook Page.  There is a free pdf guide for “Journey to Luke” to be your map for this second season of the podcast.

There will also be a weekly YouTube video that takes a deeper look at a theme from the previous week’s reading.

For this journey together, I will be using the Filament Bible from Tyndale. The Filament Bible is a single column Bible in the New Living Translation. The single-column format coupled with the New Living Translation makes it easy to read large chunks at a time. It is not cluttered with lots of notes and references which also adds to the ease of reading. What sets the Filament Bible apart, and why I recommend it, is the app that is paired with it. The Filament App is available for both iOS and Android. When you open the app, you tap the camera icon and scan the page number you are reading. Tap the green checkmark and it takes you to a simple page that has the page number as well as the book and chapter number at the top. Below that are three square icons labeled Study, Reflect, and See. The Study icon brings up study bible type notes on the verses. The Reflect icon contains devotional writings that are associated with the verses on that page. The See icon brings up the Bible Project videos related to the page material. With these three elements combined, a reader has a goldmine of information available to them without cluttering up the reading experience on the page or carrying around an entire library of study books in their bag.

I can’t wait for you to join us on this journey as we Live Unleashed!


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