Bonus Replay: Lakeside Sunrise

My Post-13

Hey fellow Journeyers! I am so glad you have joined us this week for the journey. We just wound up our journey through Luke and Acts last week and are preparing to launch Season 3 of the Living Unleashed Podcast on April 15th! For the next two weeks, we are doing Bonus Replay podcasts. I will be selecting 10 of my favorite episodes from Season One to replay. This will give you a chance to listen in to some of the early episodes that you might have missed. Today’s episode is entitled “Lakeside Sunrise”. Here is a little bit of trivia: This is the first (and, as of right now, only) episode that I have recorded in the outdoors. Listening to it again, makes me want to record another outdoor episode. What do you think? Should I record another episode in nature? Let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoy!

Keep on Living Unleashed.


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