010: Worship Community

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

I gained a new insight into the dynamics of worship one summer while teaching at a Youth Leadership Camp. The environment we found ourselves in played against the stereotype of how to set up for great worship. First, we were a small group-only 34 of us on most nights. Some might have said that we did not have critical mass. We were in an outdoor tabernacle that was simple and even a little cluttered. The seating was homemade wooden benches that were moderately comfortable. The tabernacle was open sided which added to our attendance in the form of gazillions of mosquitoes and other pests. It also helped us to fully experience the heat and humidity. This definitely wasn’t a new, air-conditioned building with individual padded seating. We had two worship leaders who each played an acoustic guitar. No drums, no keyboards, and no backup singers. Listen to today’s podcast to see what happens next.


  1. Brad Henson on 09/13/2018 at 3:29 AM

    Fantastic podcast and causes us to really think about our worship experience.

    • Jeremy Henson on 09/13/2018 at 1:50 PM

      It is amazing to me how God can speak to us through the simplest of circumstances when we are attuned to him and take time to listen.

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